Our training in all these therapies is certified and / or have been carried out in Thailand. 🇹🇭

If you want any type of Therapy best suited to your needs, don´t hesitate to contact us. Special prices for long term treatments.

Thai Massage

Classic Thai massage, performed on Tatami. Ideal as a relaxing and toning massage.

Thai Oil Massage

Thai oil massage uses the properties of specific oils ...

Bamboo Sticks

Thai therapy technique aimed at revitalizing the body and removing toxins from the skin.

Herbal Compress

Thai herbal compress treatments are used to calm pain and inflammation.

Tired legs

Classic Thai massage of legs and / or acupuncture. It is based on pressure and stretching.

Foot reflexology

Foot massage that strengthens the immune system and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Müdán Special

Personalized massage that combines the best of Chinese, Japanese and Thai therapies.