Bamboo sticks

Bamboo sticks massage

Known as bamboo therapy, it is an alternative therapy technique aimed at revitalizing the body, achieving full relaxation and eliminating toxins from the skin. It also allows you to work on adipose tissues to eliminate accumulated fat and relieve muscle ailments.

This technique consists of the use of bamboo sticks of different lengths and thicknesses, each with a specific function, depending on the area of the body subject to therapy, which can be from the face to the feet.
Generally, oils or creams are applied to favor the gliding of the reeds through the body, applying friction, rolling, pressure or percussion techniques depending on the treatment..
The objective of bamboo therapy is to stimulate neurotransmitters distributed throughout the body to achieve reactions at the neuronal, cellular, nervous, circulatory and muscular levels. It also achieves energetic and emotional stimulation to obtain a state of full physical, mental and spiritual relaxation..

Consult your needs with our therapists. They will be happy to design a solution for you that can combine massage with other styles that address your needs.


45 € / 60 mins.