Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

Do you want to give yourself a relaxing massage in Burgos?

Our relaxation massage has a smooth, fluid style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscle tension, and improves circulation and range of motion. Your therapist will try to deeply relax, revive and rejuvenate you. It is a gentle massage with hot oils and does not cause discomfort.

The massage to induce relaxation uses a wide range of techniques. Many relaxation techniques are performed with light pressure that aim to increase temperature and blood flow, manipulate soft tissues, and stimulate the release of positive chemicals in the body.

Relaxing massage is wonderful for anyone, it is less effective than deeper styles at changing soft tissue tension. We usually recommend deeper styles if you experience any discomfort. Relaxation when you just want ... just relax!

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What are the benefits of a relaxing massage?

Relaxing massage has many benefits and can be used as an effective treatment for relaxation, stress reduction, pain reduction, and muscle tensions.

One benefit of a good relaxation massage is pain reduction. When the body relaxes, the pain is reduced. Massage helps reduce pain by increasing soft tissue temperature, releasing endorphins, and interrupting the pain cycle. Endorphins also work as the body's natural pain relievers.

Massage also helps relief muscle tension. In addition to relaxation, massage also improves our mechanical responses. The massage increases blood and lymphatic circulation and relaxes muscle tissue. Relaxing muscle tissues can reduce painful contractions, spasms, and tension.

Consult your needs with our massage therapists. They will be happy to design a massage solution for you that can combine relaxation massage with other styles that address your problems.

Relaxing treatments

Relaxing massage 45 € / 60 mins.

Relaxing acupuncture 35 € / 45 mins.

Mudán Special (Asian techniques combined) 45 € / 60 mins.

Relaxing massage with oils 45 € / 60 mins.

Traditional China (Acupuncture & Massage combination 30 minutes) 50 € / 60 mins.

Japanese Facial massage (Relaxing face massage) 40 € / 45 mins.


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