Japanese Face Massage

Japanese Face Massage

Facial japanese massage is a technique that combines massage and aesthetic care. It stimulates massage of the face and neck, known for its rejuvenating effect.
It is highly recommended for a better effect, that this massage is given by a Shiatsu professional(Japanese massage), with knowledge of the balances and typical pressures of Japanese massage.

Japanese facial massage translates to "ancient path to beauty" and its roots lie in traditional Chinese medicine. However, the facial massage really was born years later in Japan, where samurai used to give themselves facial massages to calm their mind after intense battles. An empress realized one day that this massage gave them a luminous appearance and kept the idea for herself. Although we are not sure if this story is 100% true, this facial massage has been known since then as the empresses massage.

This technique consists of a combination of fast and slow hand movements to improve deep circulation to the face, neck, and upper chest. Massaging at different levels of speed is essential since it allows destroying dead cells and promoting the production of elastin and collagen, both so useful for the health of our skin. Thus, it is possible to obtain a true rejuvenating effect: wrinkles are smoothed, volumes are restored and, of course, the skin is more luminous. After the first session, you can already see some results that increase in the medium and long term.

Consult your needs with our therapists. They will be happy to design a solution for you that can combine massage with other styles that address your needs.


40 € / 45 mins.