Shiatsu  (Japanese Massage)

Shiatsu, Japanese Massage for comprehensive health

Starting from the idea that the human body is more than a musculoskeletal structure through which vital energy also circulates for its functioning, Shiatsu is born.

It is a massage technique of Japanese origin that develops in the mid-twentieth century, but is based on the millenarian philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which establishes the ability of the body's energy system to stimulate the physical aspect to promote self-healing

Point pressure method

In order to establish the perfect balance between the body, the mind and the emotions, the Shiatsu massage method consists of exerting pressure with the fingers in specific points of the body to relieve ailments and cure pathologies.

It is based on the advances of energy medicine and its application on human psychology and anatomy as synergic elements of an integral structure.

This Japanese massage is performed mainly by supporting the thumbs, but therapeutic pressure variations have also been developed with the hands, feet, elbows and knees.

Integral stimulation of the organism

Shiatsu pressure techniques stimulate the receptors of the skin and muscles to send a message to the brain centers and activate a chemical and nervous reaction to optimize the functional systems of the body.

  • Muscular. Improves the circulation and management of lactic acid to provide flexibility and muscle function.

  • Skeletal. Promotes the health of the joints, strengthens the cartilage and facilitates movement.

  • Circulatory . It favors the dilation of blood vessels, relaxes the arteries, improves circulation and heart rate.

  • Digestive. Helps stomach and intestinal functioning, balances gastric function and absorption of food.

  • Immunological. Strengthens the body's natural defenses by stimulating the immune mechanism.

  • Endocrine . Stimulates the chemical response and the production of hormones for the proper functioning of the organs.

  • Nervous . Activates the nervous tissues that control the function of the organism at the central level.

    Through Shiatsu massage it is possible to increase the level of consciousness about the functioning and capacities of the body, the emotional balance is restored and the integral well-being is obtained.

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