Mudan Massage in Burgos

Feet Massage (Thai Massage)

The benefits of Thai foot massage

The Thai culture has become famous in the western world for different factors, their customs, gastronomy and beliefs, but also for their peculiar methods to maintain health, among which enters his famous foot massage.

At first it may sound like something frivolous, but according to Thai beliefs the feet are deeply connected to the rest of the body, and depending on their condition the health of a person can improve or get worse.

Following this line of thoughts, this culture establishes that each part of the soles of the feet has a connection with some vital organ of the body, and that through an appropriate massage the health of the desired organ can be stimulated.

This type of massage is known as Thai foot reflexology, and stands as a natural way to prevent diseases, and also to relieve ailments. According to experts this type of massage can balance the energy of the body, improve circulation, and stimulate organs, glands, and complete systems.

Thai foot massage can help relieve headaches, dizziness, digestive system problems, pain in the legs or stress, irregularities with menstruation, and even problems such as depression, fatigue or insomnia.

In addition, this type of massage helps the patient to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body, so it strengthens the immune system, and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Those who follow the culture behind these massages, assure that multiple sessions can make a patient alleviate their physical and emotional tensions, which results in all these benefits.

Precision massage

This type of massage should be done by an expert, since it works on the energetic channels of feet and legs, applying pressure at the precise points and thus stimulating the reflex in the corresponding organs.

To carry out the massage the expert relies on some elements such as wooden instruments, coconut oil, massage cream, and a Thai herb balm. Stimulation not only focuses on the feet, but also on the legs, hands, arms, neck, head and back.