Mudan Massage in Burgos

Hot Stones Massage (Thai Massage)


The benefits of hot stone massage

Hot stone massage, also known as geothermal therapy, is one of the most popular in most Western spas during the last decade. This therapy focuses on stimulating the "chakras" or energy centers of the body, through the implementation and application of temperature with stones.

This custom has its origins in ancient oriental disciplines, and the main belief behind the method is that obstructions in the energy of the body can cause us to suffer from some disease or discomfort, so it is necessary to activate those areas, and make sure that the energy flow properly.

With geothermal therapy the expert focuses on purifying the energy lines, applying cold and hot stones in the different energy points located in the body. In addition, the stones used in this process are volcanic stones, which are intended to transmit the natural energy of the earth to the patient, improving its condition and the effect of massage.

A therapy for the body

Hot stone therapy is especially recommended for people with general physical ailments, since with massages and energetic cleansing these conditions tend to diminish, improving the patient's condition significantly.

According to the followers of this method, the activation of energy zones in the body alleviates and reduces pain, since these energy points are responsible for transmitting these sensations, and by acting directly on them they are purified.

In addition, thanks to the sweating of the skin due to the temperature of the stones, which usually reach 50 degrees Celsius, accumulated toxins are eliminated, so if it is a constant therapy you can see the results and improvements in a short time .

The alternating action between cold and hot temperatures also helps to improve the functioning of the circulatory system, since the masseur alternates between stones at 8 degrees and stones at 50 degrees, a combination that stimulates the opening and contraction of the veins, accelerating the speed of blood circulation.