Mudan Massage in Burgos

Massage with bamboo sticks  (Thai Massage)

Massage with bamboo sticks for relaxation and eliminate fat

The methods of therapeutic massage are very varied. Traditional techniques use the hands while others use the elbows, feet and even stones, but the application of bamboo sticks in the massage also brings great health benefits.

Known as bambuterapia , it is an alternative therapy technique aimed at revitalizing the body, achieving full relaxation and eliminating toxins from the skin. It also allows working on the adipose tissues to eliminate accumulated fat and alleviate muscular ailments.

Bamboo therapy, the art of stimulation

In the oriental ancestral culture the bamboo plant is a symbol of well-being and good luck, as well as resistance and elasticity that are physical characteristics of its reeds. For this reason, bambu therapy is also attributed some spiritual benefits.

This technique consists of the use of bamboo sticks of different lengths and thickness, each with a specific function, depending on the area of ​​the body subject to therapy, which may be from the face to the feet.

Generally, oils or creams are applied to promote the sliding of the canes by the body, applying friction, filming, pressure or percussion techniques according to the treatment.

The goal of bambu therapy is to stimulate the neurotransmitters distributed throughout the body to get reactions at the neuronal, cellular, nervous, circulatory and muscular levels. It also achieves energy and emotional stimulation to obtain a state of physical, mental and spiritual relaxation .

Benefits of bamboo massage

  • Reduce fat . The deep stimulation of the skin and muscles allows reaching body fat deposits and dispersing them until they are eradicated.

  • Release toxins . The friction on the skin favors the sanguineous irrigation and to fulfill the purifying processes of the organism.

  • Tone the tissues . With filming the dermal composition benefits and cellulite is fought.

  • Relieves ailments . Pressure stimulation helps to eliminate contractures, relax the tissues, soothe muscle aches.

  • Reduce stress . Sensory stimulation combats nervous tension and mental exhaustion.

    The massage with bamboo sticks is a miraculous treatment that is based on the exotic sensations of the body to have a healthy organism.

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