Mudan Massage in Burgos

Customers Ratings

Wyatt Wanders

Very nice massage and good prices. I am currently walking the Camino de Santiago and she saw me limping around on the street. She asked if I was ok, walked with me a while and gave me her card. I called the next day and it was super easy to schedule an appointment. She is very good and seemed to know which areas to work on without me saying much. I definitely recommend going to see Patricia.

Anastasia Gargiulli

Very easy to make an appointment through whatsapp for the same day, and Patricia was so knowledgable and knew exactly what i needed. Being on the camino isn't easy, so this massage really helped me relax my body and i would definitely go again!

Tzuyuan Tseng

朝聖走了12天,很需要按摩,推薦這家牡丹,老闆是一對夫妻,各有專長,可以先跟他們討論,需要預約,從google聯絡裡面就會即時回應蠻好的。 Después de 12 días de peregrinación, necesito un masaje. Recomiendo esta peonía. El jefe es una pareja. Cada uno tiene experiencia. Puedes discutirlo con ellos primero. Necesitas hacer una cita. Desde el contacto de Google, responderás de inmediato.