Summer foods within traditional Chinese medicine

2019-06-24 por Mudán Burgos

Summer foods within traditional Chinese medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, summer is a very important time because during this period it pays special attention to the heart and the small intestine.

One of the things that this science says is that during the summer, a time of deep heat, more fluids and less food are needed. In other words, the meals in this season should be lighter and, as far as possible, the consumption of fresh foods should be increased. Additionally it is recommended that they have color and the rations must contain less quantity.

This type of food will allow, at first, a state of inner calm. Additionally, it will allow the person to be cheerful which will generate warmth, love and sympathy. On the other hand, these foods may be related to hyperactive attitudes, desire for conversation, passion, passion and emotion.

When summer begins and what foods should be eaten

According to various scientific studies, summer officially begins with the so-called solstice on June 21. That day represents the greatest splendor for the planet, living beings are in their best shape and it is recommended to maximize the energy to establish various programs of care and healing.

The reasons why this time of year is the best for the different treatments are diverse. However, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe that therapies that are related to blood circulation should be performed because the heart is responsible for nourishing the system.

During this time it is advisable to take foods of cold, fresh and neutral nature. Among these products are recommended watermelons, melon, apricot, plum, cucumber, beet, lemon peel, among others.

In the same way it is prudent to ingest infusions of plants that favor circulation such as green tea, black tea, mint, dandelion, gentian, red vine, among others.