Knowing Thai massage, the therapeutic art for mind and body

2019-05-01 por Mudán Burgos

Knowing Thai massage, the therapeutic art for mind and body

With great influence on oriental traditional medicine, Thai massage is born, an ancestral manipulation technique that promotes the energetic circulation of the body for the well-being of the organism.

In the Thai massage , a combination of manual movements, pressure points, extensions and controlled passive stretching is applied to achieve a gradual opening of the body, promote the flow of vital and emotional energy.

Therapeutic art for mind and body

The origins of Thai massage go back some 2500 years, based on physical and medicinal practices of India and China, being established in Thailand by Buddhist monks.

These cultures combine philosophical beliefs, religious movements and medical clinics to cure not only physical ailments but also balance spiritual energy .

It is considered a healing art in which the masseur must master his own organism and commune with the states of divided consciousness (Buddhism) to transmit the energetic essence to the patient.

Comprehensive wellness technique

Combining pressure movements in acupuncture points, kneading muscles and skeletal manipulation, Thai massage aims to achieve three objectives:

  • Undo the vital energy blockages, restore their flow and harmonize the organism .

  • Relax the muscles, promote the development of elastic fibers and promote range of motion .

  • Work the joints to regain body flexibility , strengthen cartilage and ligaments.

    The Thai technique includes relaxing and decontracting massages but also subjects the patient to stretching and balancing, which, although controlled, take the body to the limit of its capacity.

    For this, the therapist uses his hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet and knees, as well as grip positions on the patient .

    Benefits of Thai massage

    With Thai massage remove blockages that cause muscle and nerve tension to relax the body and mind .

    The friction on the skin promotes blood irrigation, which favors the aesthetic appearance and recovery of muscle injuries .

    With punctual pressure relieves ailments and stimulates the nerve endings of the body. While extensions and push-ups tone the musculoskeletal structure , it improves flexibility and promotes movement.