Food colors and their impact according to Chinese philosophy

2019-12-03 por Mudán Burgos

Food colors and their impact according to Chinese philosophy

Chinese philosophy has been characterized by promoting and giving an important place to everything natural, being nature who governs essential aspects of life and the universe.

And food is a fundamental part of this culture. According to oriental medicine, what we eat has a great impact on our body, both in body and mind, and even colors can influence.

Yes, the colors of the food we eat can have an impact on our lives according to Chinese culture, which since ancient times has been busy studying the colors and how what we eat and the nature of the food influences our flow of vital energy and health in general, managing to avoid and cure both physical and mental illnesses.

Depending on the color they have, certain foods can help improve some parts of the body. There are five fundamental colors that Chinese medicine urges to try to serve in each dish, such as: green, yellow, white, red and black.

Functions by color

In hundreds of cultures, each color can have a social and spiritual meaning, in this case these areas are mixed at a nutritional and medicinal level, to find the right balance that is needed in life.

In China, black foods such as eggplants, wild rice, azuki beans or black sesame help to gain more vitality and control kidney activity (kidneys).

Also, rice, tofu or cauliflower (white foods ) have positive effects when it comes to improving psychological aspects (such as controlling emotions) and even breathing when cleaning the lungs. < / p>

Red foods such as strawberries and apples, or tomatoes and beets improve circulation, prevent heart problems and strengthen the immune system.

For its part, the green food detoxifies and cleanses, helping the liver and providing harmony (emotional), so you have to eat watercress, parsley, zucchini, okras, pickles, among others. While corn, pineapple and yellow paprika help maintain concentration and improve communication, intellectual and creativity skills.