Solidarity Therapies by Mudán Burgos

2019-09-29 por Mudán Burgos

Solidarity Therapies by Mudán Burgos

Solidarity hands that intertwine to fight for a better world.

In Mudán, we want to give back a little of what the world gives us every day, creating a modest project to make non-profit and interest-free microcredits , in order to help people around the world to create opportunities for them and their communities.

For each treatment, we will donate € 1 to make microcredits in different places on the planet.

To do this, every time we raise € 25 , with our contributions, we will make a microcredit . Once that loan has been repaid, we will invest it again in more micro-loans, in order to create a sustainable and growing network of these loans.

All loans will be made through the KIVA.ORG platform. Kiva is a nonprofit organization that allows people to lend money through the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in more than 80 countries. Kiva's mission is to "expand financial access to help marginalized communities thrive."

We will inform you through our website and social networks ( facebook , instagram , twitter , google ), of all our advances and projects carried out.

If you want more information or participate more actively, do not hesitate to contact us .